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Simpled Door Sensor
Simpled Door Sensor
Simpled Door Sensor
Simpled Door Sensor
Simpled Door Sensor
Simpled Door Sensor

Simpled Door Sensor

【Wide Compatibility】It enables your Simpled Smart Locks to lock automatically when your door is pulled closed.

【App Notification】With Simpled door sensor and WiFi Bridge(Sold Separately), you receive instant notifications to your smartphone once the door is opened or closed. For a stable connection, please ensure no obstacle is between your door sensor and Simpled WiFi Bridge.

【 1-minute Installation】No Need to use complicated tools for installation. It comes with a 3M glue for easy fit.

【Long Battery Endurance】Low power consumption boasts more than one year of battery life.

【QUALITY GUARANTEE】A hassle-free 2-year warranty provided by the Simpled headquarters right from the heart of London.

【 How it Works 】Simpled door sensors have a magnetic strip automatically triggered by the receiver when it’s separated.

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Simpled Door Sensor


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Who is Simpled?

Who is Simpled?

Simpled is a London-based tech company rolling out innovative IoT devices to elevate your smart home experience.

30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE

30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE

Free UK Shipping and Return

Free UK Shipping
and Return

24-months Hassle Free Warranty

24-months Hassle Free Warranty

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22 weeks ago

Love it keyless

I've demolished my window and scraped myself up too many times from breaking into my own house because I've misplaced my keys. Next goal is to get a keyless car then, my life will be perfect.

V. Vector, Homeowner

6 weeks ago

Useful app!

First, I bought the smart cylinder for my home. It was easy to use and gave me the peace of mind to see my family are home safely. Now I got a new one for my restaurant. And it nicely prompts me when they reach there.

C. Steve, Restaurant Owner in London

Simpled Door Sensor

Product Specification

  • Dimensions41*27*11.5mm 41*10*11.5mm
  • Supply voltage3V
  • Working time2 years (10 times a day)
  • Standby current<5uA
  • Induction distance<22mm
  • Shell materialABS
  • Operating frequency2.4GH
  • Power supply modeCB2030


Why should I buy an electronic door lock?

A: We would like to counter-question some of your experiences with your own door locks. Do you remember a time when you forgot your keys and was locked out of your home?

  • What happens when you arrive home late and depend on someone (parents/maid) in the house to open the door for you? Do you wake them up?
  • You invited your best friends/family members to your house, but you were running late, and they are already at your gate. Wouldn’t it be nice if they can enter your home instead of waiting aimlessly outside?
  • Have any of your belongings been scratched/damaged through keys in the same bag/pocket? If you have experienced the above scenarios, it may be time you installed an electronic door lock. With an electronic door lock, you will be able to open your gates without using keys (fingerprint/RFID tag/pin codes and even your smartphone).

What type of doors can a digital lock be fitted on?

  • Simpled smart locks can be installed on most main doors and gates
  • Materials such as wooden, metal, plastic, sliding doors and glass

You can send your existing door/gate photo for further assistance on our Whatsapp

My batteries have completely run out. What can I do?

There are two solutions:

  • Physical Keys

    Physical keys are provided together with Simpled smart locks, which ensures that you will still be able to enter the house mechanically even if its batteries run out. It is strongly recommended to keep at least one spare key on you or a family at all times for such situations.

  • 9V jumpstart

    For Simpled smart locks, there is an alternative solution, which would be to use the 9V jumpstart to provide the lock with enough power for an unlock. While holding the 9V battery to the jumpstart, you have the time to unlock the lock.

What happens to my smart lock during an electrical blackout?

As the Simpled digital locks run on batteries, they will work regardless of a power trip or blackout.

The touchscreen of the lock seems reflective. Can fingerprints be left on the lock, making it easy to guess the password?

Simpled locks come with an imaginary PIN code feature that allows you to enter other digits before/after your actual PIN.

This is optional but will help to deter hackers and prevent your PIN code from being exposed. Also, with the security lockout mode, it is even more difficult to guess your PIN code.

What happens if I lose my physical key?

For security purposes, our physical keys are designed unique to your lock ID, and we do not have spares of their respective physical keys. We recommend keeping a key with a trusted family member from the first day.

The lock can still be unlocked via other means based on your lock model, i.e. smartphone unlock, fingerprints, pin codes, etc

Where can I find the user manual?

  • The user manual is available at Support > Downloads from our website

Which door lock is suitable for my usage?

Type of Door Locks

This is really down to your personal preference. Typically, most models come with pin code and biometric or pin code and RFID access, except for the Leo Max smart lock, which incorporated all 3 elements (Face and Palm Recognition, pin code and RFID access).

What is the warranty period for Simpled smart door locks?

  • All product(s) sold by or our authorised dealers come with a 24-month local warranty to the original purchaser
  • Valid from the date of purchase

Where can I purchase Simpled smart door locks?

  • Purchase directly on our website
  • For more enquiries, please contact us.
  • Amazon website

Who is Simpled?

Simpled, a London-based company, rolling out an expanding range of innovative household devices and appliances that embrace IoT to simplify and elevate the smart home experience.

Do Simpled products come with a warranty?

Sure. Most of our products are sold with a warranty of two years provided by the Simpled headquarters in London.

How long does delivery take?

It usually takes 1-4 working days for your purchased items to be delivered.

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