Your door deserves a smarter companion!

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Slim series Smart Lock

Fits most UK 'lift to lock' multipoint locks

Meet our Smartest Lock

Tired of waiting behind doors?

No Key, No Problem

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Smart Lock

Your smartphone is the key.
Oh, might it be not available?
How about your fingers?

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BF Smart Fingerprint Cylinder
LeverLine Smart Lock

Need more security?

Meet your 24/7 doorman!

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Smart Lock

Our Top-rated Digital Door Viewers allow you to view the front door anytime.

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Digital Door Viewer
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Digital Door Viewer
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WiFi Door viewer

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UF Smart Lock

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Smart Fingerprint Cylinder
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Smart Cylinder

Smart Lock
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Slim series Smart Lock

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LF Smart Lock

Who is Simpled

Who is Simpled?

Simpled is a London-based tech company rolling out innovative IoT devices to elevate your smart home experience.



22 weeks ago

Love it keyless

I've demolished my window and scraped myself up too many times from breaking into my own house because I've misplaced my keys. Next goal is to get a keyless car then, my life will be perfect.

V. Vector, Homeowner

6 weeks ago

Useful app!

First, I bought the smart cylinder for my home. It was easy to use and gave me the peace of mind to see my family are home safely. Now I got a new one for my restaurant. And it nicely prompts me when they reach there.

C. Steve, Restaurant Owner in London

33 weeks ago

Easy setup

I was able to install it within a couple of minutes. I'm 65 years old, so if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it! Well worth the purchase!

P. Goerge, Homeowner

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7 Days
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24-month Hassle-free Warranty

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