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Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera
Digital Doorbell Camera

A 24/7 door man!

Our Best-Selling Digital Doorbell Camera

Our digital doorbell camera allows your loved ones at home to see who's there straight away on the large monitor without needing a phone. The moment someone presses the bell, the large screen will switch on and starts recording!

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Digital Doorbell Camera


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In stock

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Who is Simpled?

Who is Simpled?

Simpled is a London-based tech company rolling out innovative IoT devices to elevate your smart home experience.

Never Miss a Package

When the delivery puts your package behind the door, you have peace of mind someone keeps an eye on your new purchases!

Children & Senior friendly

Large screen suitable for children and senior citizens, or people of any height.

Simpled digital doorbell camera is completely functional without any smartphone.

Who was there?
Now I know!

Simpled smart peephole records visitors video whether they press the bell or just pass at your property whilst you are away from home, with time and date stamped.

Don't Miss a Thing!

Simpled digital door viewer records everything in its internal memory (or an optional external memory - up to 32GB) So No Internet, No Smartphone Needed!

price/performance ratio

Outstanding Quality Yet an excellent price/performance ratio.

Fully future-proof investment

Easy super fast installation No drilling, no dirt as it fits in your old peephole

Battery operated

Battery operated.

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30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE

30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE

Free UK Shipping and Return

Free UK Shipping
and Return

24-months Hassle Free Warranty

24-months Hassle Free Warranty

Day or Night, Stay Safe!

With Night Vision function and automatic motion Recording you won't miss anything!

Anti-Peeping Prevent burglar using a reverse peephole tool to peep your life

Large 4.3" Screen With wide 170 degree viewing angle and a big LCD screen old or young can easily see the faces of visitors.

Simpled Doorbell Camera

Motion Detection Simpled Digital doorbell camera can be set to automatically take a snapshot or start recording videos when motion is detected!

Clear Night Vision You'll still be able to see clearly when it gets dark since it has night vision!

Product Specification

  • Display Screen4.3 inches TFT
  • Image Sensor1MP
  • Viewing angleHorizontal 120 (diagonal 170)
  • Record modePhoto / Video
  • Doorbell ring12 optional chords
  • Memory cardSupport TF card up to 32G
  • IR Led2PCS, 850nm
  • Motion detectionSupport, Distance radius 13M
  • Power supplyRechargeable Battery
  • Door thickness35-120mm

What others said about Simpled



33 weeks ago

Easy setup

I was able to install it within a couple of minutes. I'm 65 years old, so if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it! Well worth the purchase!

P. Goerge, Homeowner

8 weeks ago

Oh, thank you!!!!

Today I was able to show the police a video of a package that was stolen right off my doorstep. This experience alone paid for their product. I searched to find a proper way to appreciate them.

S. Bass, Owner of Boss Studio

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Do we need a skilful installer to install the digital door viewer for us?

No, even if you're not so handy, installation only takes about 10 minutes. The hardest part is when you don't have a peephole in the door; you may need to drill one.

Does the digital peepholes record videos or capture photos?

Of course, that's the main goal. It captures everything. You won't lose anything behind your doors; Whether they press the ring bell or not.

(Not applicable for Non-WiFi models)

Is it possible to see the recorded items on my smartphone?

Sure, the WiFi model synchronises all your media in the android or iOS app.

Does it require wiring?

Nope. It's wire-free and battery-operated. The front panel sticks to the front side of the door and will be secured to the internal monitor. Please refer to the installation video.

Please consider if you don't have a peephole in the door, you may need to drill one.

Is the digital door viewer only suitable for wooden doors?

It can be installed in almost any door, from PVC to anti-theft doors; Any door that can have a hole inside it.

Does the digital viewer have to be connected to power?

No. Our digital door viewer is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.

How long can the batteries last?

Depending on the model and activated settings, it lasts from 1-2 months for average use of 20 visitors a day.

It can take up to 4 months for non-WiFi models, like YP-SP and VP-SP.

How do I charge the batteries?

There's a cable in the box. You can detach the device (1. Push the monitor up 2. Disconnect the flat cable carefully) and use your phone adapter and the cable to recharge the battery. Or You can charge it without removing it, using a power bank.

How does the PIR sensor work?

After detecting motion for 2-3 seconds, the digital viewer will automatically take a picture or capture a video.

What happens when the micro SD card memory is full?

The digital viewer will continue to take pictures/videos and will automatically override the oldest ones.

Does this digital door viewer use 5GHZ WiFi bands?

No. Our WiFi model (WF-SP) is only compatible with 2.4GHz.

Does the monitor turn on when it detects motion or only when the buzzer is pressed?

No, the display only turns on when someone presses the bell. But you can see the recorded video that was triggered by motion detection later on display.

Who is Simpled?

Simpled, a London-based company, rolling out an expanding range of innovative household devices and appliances that embrace IoT to simplify and elevate the smart home experience.

Do Simpled products come with a warranty?

Sure. Most of our products are sold with a warranty of two years provided by the Simpled headquarters in London.

How long does delivery take?

It usually takes 1-4 working days for your purchased items to be delivered.

Digital Doorbell Camera

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