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Simpled Remote Control (Only Compatible with VF-SP Smart Cylinders)

  • Unlock your VF-SP Simpled Smart Cylinder Door Lock from up to 10 metres away. One click of the remote fob gives you quick and easy access to your home. Up to 5 remote fobs can be linked to your Simpled Connected Smart Door Lock.
  • Compatible with VF-SP Smart Cylinder ONLY


Simpled Remote Control (Only Compatible with VF-SP Smart Cylinders)


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In stock

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Who is Simpled?

Who is Simpled?

Simpled is a London-based tech company rolling out innovative IoT devices to elevate your smart home experience.

30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE

30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE

Free UK Shipping and Return

Free UK Shipping
and Return

24-months Hassle Free Warranty

24-months Hassle Free Warranty

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22 weeks ago

Love it keyless

I've demolished my window and scraped myself up too many times from breaking into my own house because I've misplaced my keys. Next goal is to get a keyless car then, my life will be perfect.

V. Vector, Homeowner

6 weeks ago

Useful app!

First, I bought the smart cylinder for my home. It was easy to use and gave me the peace of mind to see my family are home safely. Now I got a new one for my restaurant. And it nicely prompts me when they reach there.

C. Steve, Restaurant Owner in London

Where our customers used the smart door locks?

Practically on any Door

Working Spaces

Working Spaces

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Health care

Health care



Managing Properties

Managing Properties

Any other type of residentials

Any other type of residentials



Why should I buy a smart cylinder?

A: We would like to counter-question some of your experiences with your own door locks. Do you remember a time when you forgot your keys and was locked out of your home?

  • What happens when you arrive home late and depend on someone (parents/maid) in the house to open the door for you? Do you wake them up?
  • You invited your best friends/family members to your house, but you were running late, and they were already at your gate. Wouldn't it be nice if they could enter your home instead of waiting aimlessly outside?
  • Have any of your belongings been scratched/damaged through keys in the same bag/pocket?
  • If you have experienced the above scenarios, it may be time you installed an electronic door lock. With an electronic door lock, you will be able to open your gates without using keys (fingerprint/RFID tag and even your smartphone).

What kinds of doors are suitable for Simpled cylinder?

Fitting is possible if access to the entire cylinder from both sides of the door with the currently installed euro cylinder. What does not work is when the fitting shows only a small slot of the cylinder. You can send your existing door photo for further assistance on our Whatsapp.

What happens when the battery is empty?

When the battery is low, an audible warning will sound when the lock is opened. There are still approximately 100 openings possible. When the battery is completely empty, you can use your power bank to wake up the lock and unlock it.

What if the smartphone I use to open the door runs out of battery charge?

There are several other ways you can unlock your lock, like fingerprint, proximity tags, remote control(optional).

If someone steals a family member's phone, can they get into my house?

If a smartphone is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated by the admin user. This means that security against unauthorised entry is still ensured without changing the lock.

Is this smart lock weatherproof?

Yes, it is.

How many guests can I have on my Smart Lock?

There is no limit to the number of guests associated with one lock.

Is the Simpled app free?

Yes. It can be downloaded and updated completely free of charge. The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

If I change my smartphone, do I lose the setting of the lock?

All your settings are on your password-protected accounts. So they are with you, wherever you go.

Are any electrical connections necessary to install an electronic cylinder?

No electrical connections to the door are needed as it is powered by long-life batteries. The user is warned when the battery charge is low by both the lock and app.

What if the battery runs out?

You can replace the batteries from the outside.

How long is the battery life of Simpled smart door lock?

The battery lifetime is about 8-10 months.

What is the warranty period for Simpled smart door locks?

All product(s) sold by Simpled or our authorised dealers come with a 24-month local warranty to the original purchaser valid from the date of purchase.

Where can I purchase Simpled smart door locks?

You can purchase directly on our website or Amazon. No difference. They all come from our Amazon warehouse. So it has the same delivery time and service.

Who is Simpled?

Simpled, a London-based company, rolling out an expanding range of innovative household devices to simplify and elevate the smart home experience.

Do Simpled products come with a warranty?

Sure. Most of our products are sold with a warranty of two years provided by the Simpled headquarters in London.

How long does delivery take?

It usually takes 1-4 working days for your purchased items to be delivered.

What's the app?

It's WE.LOCK smart lock app. You can find it on both Google Play and App Store.

My current cylinder is very close to the edge of the door. Can I install this smart cylinder on that?

From the outside, when the door is closed, please measure and ensure you have at least 2.5 centimetres between the centre of your current cylinder and door frame(NOT door edge, but door frame). We want to make sure the outer knob won't hit the door frame.

Need more help? Reach us on Whatsapp.

What door thickness does it support?

50mm to 105mm

How far away can the hub be?

It will be connected to the lock via Bluetooth. So it's ideally around 10 meters.

However, the maximum communication range will vary depending on obstacles (person, metal, wall, etc.) or electromagnetic environment.

Does it have NFC?

Not on all smartphones. Some are using encrypted NFC, and it won't be compatible with the lock. In some regions, people can pair transportation cards on their phones with the Simpled smart locks. In some other countries, it's not possible.

Isn't voice command on Alexa a bad feature? Anyone in my home has access to open the door?

That's the point. It's for easier access of the people inside. You trust them. Don't you? Even if you don't, there's a pin code that should be announced after a command, and that's what not everyone has!

I bought two different Simpled Smart locks for the entrance and my room. Can I use the same contactless fob(/phone tag) to unlock them both?

Sure. Simpled Tags can be programmed on all Simpled smart locks.

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